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Wyllie Entertainment® has been a trusted name in the New England mobile entertainment industry since 2010. The official RI affiliate of DJ Trivia®.

we make unforgettable memories

Since 2010, Wyllie Entertainment has been at the forefront of curating memorable experiences. 

Founded by Patrick Wyllie, we have a rich history of producing thousands of weddings and live events, and have been the heartbeat of countless celebrations. With to the winds of change and our persistent passion for entertainment, 2021 marked a pivotal transition for Wyllie Entertainment. We now exclusively offer DJ Trivia services, weaving the fabric of knowledge, fun, and camaraderie into every trivia event we host.

Unforgettable Entertainment

The Rhode Island affiliate of DJ Trivia®

As the proud Rhode Island affiliate of DJ Trivia since 2013. we bring to the table an unmatched blend of professionalism and vibrancy. Our team, built by Patrick Wyllie - comprising an adept event manager and 12 charismatic entertainers - is dedicated to ensuring that your trivia experience is nothing short of FUN night out.

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Current Weekly Venues

unforgettable entertainment

building communities - one trivia night at a time

Every week, we set the stage at 25 renowned restaurants across Rhode Island. Our trivia nights are more than just questions and answers; they're about community, laughter, challenges, and celebrating the joy of learning together.

Join us for a night of spirited competition and let's make memories, one trivia question at a time. Welcome to Wyllie Entertainment, where every trivia night is a story waiting to be told.


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